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First Minister Breaks Ground at DSM Boavaer Facility

On St Andrew’s Day, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP broke ground at DSM’s site in Dalry to mark the beginning of the construction of a new manufacturing facility.

The plant will be the world’s first major global production of Bovaer, DSM’s unique methane-reducing feed-additive for cattle.

Bovaer reduces the methane emissions of beef cattle by 45% and dairy cattle by 30%.

Licenced in 40 countries already, Bovaer will contribute hugely to worldwide methane reduction targets and show Scotland to be at the forefront of work to address the global climate emergency.

DSM announced the plans for the new Bovaer manufacturing facility during COP26 last year, with £100 million of investment, backed by a £12 million grant from the SNP Government.

The Dalry site now supports 400 jobs - mostly local people - with a further 150 contractors on site jobs throughout the Bovaer facility’s 30-month construction phase.

The local supply chain will also benefit greatly from this investment.

I am delighted that work to build the Bovaer facility has now began and look forward to witnessing this world class innovation develop and grow.

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