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First Minister Hails "Trailblazer" Winnie Ewing on 50th Anniversary of Hamilton By-Electio

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hailed Winnie Ewing on the 50th anniversary of her 1967 Hamilton SNP by-election victory, citing how the result “changed Scotland’s world.

The Leader of the SNP will attend and speak at a celebration event in Hamilton this weekend, and the party will hold further events in both Glasgow and London marking the famous victory later in the month.

Nicola Sturgeon said:

When the story of our party and of Scotland’s independence is written, it will be those who worked so hard against seemingly impossible odds who will take centre stage.

There is little doubt that one person, one place and one date will stand out – Winnie Ewing, Hamilton, 1967.

Winnie changed Scotland’s world in 1967. Without her, there never would have been a Scottish Parliament of any kind to be reconvened. Winnie’s role in Scotland’s national story and her outstanding service is worthy of national celebration.

She was a trailblazer for women in Scottish, UK and European politics. Her time in public life was marked with significant successes and by her constant promotion of Scotland’s national interest in Europe, earning her the sobriquet of Madame Ecosse.”

Added Kenneth Gibson MSP:

Winnie Ewing is the outstanding Scottish politician of her generation. I am delighted to pay tribute to Winnie and to express my thanks to her for all that she achieved for Scotland.

Winnie started the process of shattering the glass ceiling for women in politics. More than this, she believed in the kind of Scotland we all seek – an inclusive, fair, prosperous and innovative country, ready and willing to embrace the future.

Her children Fergus and Annabelle are continuing the family tradition of speaking up for Scotland and both are Ministers in the SNP Government.

The SNP will host three events to mark the 50th anniversary of Winnie Ewing’s Hamilton by-election victory:

  • A celebration event this weekend in Hamilton

  • Nationally the party are paying tribute to Winnie at the annual St Andrew’s Day Dinner in Glasgow on the 17 November

  • The SNP Westminster Group is hosting a reception in the Speaker’s House on Tuesday 21 November.



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