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Like probably everyone else in the SNP and wider independence movement, I was shocked by the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon MSP as both First Minister and SNP Leader this morning.

I have known Nicola for more than 30 years. During that time we have had disagreements but also worked hard together on many issues, particularly our shared goal of independence.

And her success is unrivalled, with six consecutive Westminster, Holyrood and European election victories since 2014. Even after COVID, economic shocks and the ups and downs of politics, Nicola remains the most popular and widely respected politician in Scotland and the UK.

I have no doubt that Nicola will continue to fight for the independence cause, work hard at Holyrood and for her constituents. I wish her all the best. It is, truly, the end of an era.

The First Minister’s resignation speech can be read in full here:


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