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Speaking at the Barclays Campus in Glasgow’s financial district, First Minister John Swinney MSP outlined the SNP Government’s approach to economic policy making.

Mr Swinney said he said he wanted his ministers to have a "can do attitude", to remove obstacles in the economy.

He said: "A strategic approach is clearly essential, but I want the first question we ask ourselves to be - what can we do, rather than what can we write down."

Mr Swinney added that his government would take a "moderate, left of centre position" rooted in European social democracy.

The First Minister said he’s determined to bring hope and optimism and will “go all out” to encourage economic investment.

He said policy making will be governed by:

• Moderate left of centre, progressive values

• A partnership approach with unions and business

• A focus on action

• Problem solving based on evidence

The First Minister also highlighted significant announcements in Scotland’s renewable energy sector this week and actions the SNP Government is taking to boost high growth businesses.

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