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Five Return Journey Cumbrae Ferry Concession Ticket Introduction

I am delighted that, following years of campaigning by Cumbrae islanders and the Ferry Users Group and, most tenaciously, islander Carol Fox, five return journey concession tickets will now finally be available to buy.

Previously, younger and able-bodied passengers could buy books of five passenger tickets and thus remain in their cars during winter journeys with the convenience of handing passenger tickets over as they drive on to the ferry.

However, older and disabled residents were required to purchase a passenger ticket for every journey from Largs – a major inconvenience during bad weather in the winter and long queues during the summer.

I contacted CalMac and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) to find a solution.

As neither was able to resolve the matter, Patricia Gibson MP wrote to Ferries Minister Jenny Gilruth MSP and I spoke to her directly at Holyrood.

Jenny was astonished that pensioners were being denied five-book concession tickets and said she would sort it. I’m delighted that she has.


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