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FMQs: "Pathetic" Labour Hand Tories Blank Brexit Cheque

Labour’s failure to vote against Article 50 without winning a single concession from the government handed the Tories a “blank cheque” over Brexit, the First Minister said.

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions, Nicola Sturgeon said:

“It is deeply regrettable that amendment after amendment was rejected by the UK Government. And we’re talking here about amendments that simply ask for protection for EU nationals, or asking the government to commit not to doing things like breaching the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

“All of these amendments were rejected. Not a single concession was won through any of them and yet we still have a Labour so-called opposition that decides to vote for that bill and hand the Tories a blank cheque.

“I think that is utterly pathetic and shows the weakness of Labour at Westminster. “I saw Jeremy Corbyn tweeting last night that ‘the real fight starts now’. How utterly pathetic! It’s not so much closing the stable door after the horse has bolted; it’s more like closing the stable door after the horse is dead and buried!

“The UK badly, badly needs vigorous opposition in the House of Commons. The SNP is providing it day in and day out – it’s just a pity the Labour party are failing to do so.”



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