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Former Labour First Minister backs Scottish Independence

The former Labour Leader and former First Minister of Scotland, Henry McLeish, has announced that he now supports Scottish independence.

Mr McLeish, who was a Fife Labour MP from 1987 to 2001 and MSP from 1999 to 2003, unveiled his change of mind during Brian Taylor’s Herald podcast on 24 September, saying:

“Yes, I would support independence.

“If it’s only economic fears that are binding us within the Union, that’s a pretty poor state of affairs. I believe that Scotland could be independent tomorrow.”

Mr McLeish added that he was "sceptical" the Union would change enough for him to endorse it.

Kenneth Gibson MSP welcomed the statement, saying:

“I am delighted that Henry McLeish, as one of the architects of devolution, supports decisions about Scotland being taken by those who live here.

"A former Labour First Minister announces that he is now open to independence, while Anas Sarwar fails to even recognise the cast-iron mandate delivered by the people of Scotland to hold a referendum.

"Like Mr McLeish, more and more people in Scotland are recognising that being in the UK is failing us, and the only way to protect Scotland from cruel Westminster policies that don’t reflect our democratic wishes, is by becoming an independent country.”


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