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Former Tory Councillor Backs Scottish Independence

Edinburgh councillor Ashley Graczyk’s decision to back Scottish independence just a month after quitting the Tories is symptomatic of people’s desire to choose a different future for Scotland outside of a chaotic Westminster system, the SNP has said.

Ms Graczyk – a councillor in Ruth Davidson’s MSPs own constituency – announced this morning that not only had she quit the Tories, she now sees independence as the best future for Scotland, highlighting callous Tory policies on welfare and disabilities, and the inability of Westminster to govern effectively.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“This is a real embarrassment for the Tories and Ruth Davidson in particular, just a few days after the Prime Minister came north to Edinburgh for a few hours. More importantly, it is yet another signal that more and more people are ready to reject a Brexit UK in favour of an independent Scotland. Earlier this summer, it emerged that more people were positive about an independent Scotland’s economic prospects than were negative, despite Tory/Labour doomsayers.

“Councillor Graczyk is right to raise concerns about Tory policies on welfare, disabilities and austerity. The Tory record of welfare cuts is causing staggering hardship for communities across Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland. They need to wake up to the damage their policies are causing.

“Across Edinburgh, 1,240 disabled people have lost financial support because of Tory cuts and thousands more here in Ayrshire and across Scotland. It’s no wonder people like Councillor Graczyk are saying enough is enough. I hope that others inside the Tory Party who are questioning their consciences will stand up and be counted.”



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