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Free Prescriptions save Scots over £177 a Year

While the UK Tory Government has increased prescription charges in England to £9.35 each as of today, the SNP Government in Scotland is saving people an average of over £177 per person a year in comparison.

The figures from the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre (SPICe), show the average person in Scotland receives 19 prescriptions per year – charged at the new English rate of £9.35 each, on average people in Scotland would be out of pocket to the tune of £177.65.

In 2011, the SNP abolished prescription charges leaving Tory-run England the only part of the UK to charge patients for their medicine.

SNP Cunninghame North candidate Kenneth Gibson said:

“The SNP believes in supporting those in ill health instead of making life more difficulty, wheras the Tories believe in taxing those who need a break most.

“Thanks to successive SNP Governments, people in Scotland who are sick or living with long-term illness don’t have to choose between medication or other necessities such as food or paying bills.

“Keeping prescriptions free for all reduces bureaucracy, prevents people feeling stigmatised and encourages them to seek treatment for ailments. This not only safeguards better health for people across North Ayrshire and Scotland, it also prevents conditions from worsening at a higher cost to the NHS in the longer term.

“The NHS is our most precious public resource and healthcare should always remain free at the point of use. If we

"If you want to keep healthcare free and protect Scotland’s NHS, make it Both Votes SNP on 06 May.”



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