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Free University Tuition Not Safe Under Labour

The SNP has challenged Anas Sarwar MSP to disown the ideas from senior members of his party.

Labour brought in university tuition fees, and in Labour-run Wales it’s currently £9,000 a year!

Former Labour leader in Scotland Kezia Dugdale let slip that a Labour Government at Holyrood would re-impose tuition fees on students. This follows Labour MSPs in the Scottish Parliament specifically voting against free tuition in recent weeks.

Since the SNP abolished Labour’s tuition fees in 2008, the number of Scottish students entering university has grown by 31% and the number of students from our deprived backgrounds going to university is at a record high.

Meanwhile, John McTernan, who was an advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, suggested that Labour should scrap Social Security Scotland and have benefits once again delivered by the cruel Department of Work and Pensions.

This is despite SNP Government policies delivered through Social Security Scotland, such as the Scottish Child Payment, lifting an estimated 100,000 children out of poverty this year.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Senior Labour figures calling for tuition fees to be re-imposed and for the scrapping of Social Security Scotland is deeply concerning. Labour’s Scottish Branch Manager Anas Sarwar must clarify whether this is his position.

“SNP Government policies such as scrapping tuition fees have ensured more young people, especially those from the most deprived areas, can study at university – tuition fees will never return under the SNP.

“What is even more incredible is the call to scrap Social Security Scotland – a department that under the SNP will lift 100,000 children out of poverty this year. The contrast with the DWP couldn’t be clearer.

“Under the SNP Government the priorities of the people of Scotland, such as tackling child poverty and widening access to education, will always come first.”

Scottish Labour may have to scrap free tuition fees, Kezia Dugdale warns - LabourList

John McTernan on X: "The simplest saving is to scrap Social Security Scotland and get benefits delivered by DWP." / X (


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