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Last Friday, together with Patricia Gibson MP, I hosted my fifth Funding Fayre at Saltcoats Town Hall.

During the pandemic we organised a Virtual Funding Fayre in March 2021. However, this was the first ‘in person’ event since November 2019.

The event attracted 22 major funders and over 120 community organisations and community groups. Many subsequently advised that they had held conversations with funders that morning which directly resulted in likely funding opportunities and application guidance.

Our aim is to bring significant additional funding to groups across our constituencies.

Community organisations come along, speak to the funders to say who they are, who they represent, what they seek funding for and how much.

The funders that community projects most closely match with – there could be several – then go through the funding process and applications. Support is provided throughout by the funder.

Although scheduled to run for two and a half hours the event lasted over three, with numerous contacts and applications for funding made.

Special thanks to Cllr Margaret Johnson and the volunteers from community project Café Solace who provided free coffee & tea and received generous donations from attendees.

It’s an event we plan to repeat again next year.


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