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Funding Unveiled for Educational Psychology Trainees

The SNP Government has announced a new £4 million funding package to support up to 90 educational psychology trainees over the next three years.

The funding, agreed in partnership with local authorities, will help with training fees and living costs to encourage more specialists to train and work in Scotland, with the aim of improving access to support and close the attainment gap.

The partnership funding model was developed with stakeholders, including psychology professionals, through the National Scottish Steering Group for Educational Psychologists which is chaired by the Scottish Government.

Education Secretary John Swinney said:

“The work of educational psychologists significantly contributes to the equality, effectiveness and inclusiveness of our schools and they play a vital role in raising attainment.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“By working closely with the school community, and other relevant professionals, educational psychologists help build capacity to meet the learning and mental health needs of pupils. I am confident that this significant investment will have long-lasting positive effects on young people in Scotland.”



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