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Good Food Nation Bill Introduced

In line with its 2021/22 Programme for Government, the SNP Government has brought forward its Good Food Nation Bill to ensure everyone in Scotland has access to healthy, nutritious fare and that businesses and public kitchens commit to producing, selling and serving good food.

Health boards and local authorities will help develop wide-ranging plans to help ensure good quality, locally sourced and produced food is a practical everyday reality for everyone under new legislation.

The Bill lays the foundation for Scotland to become a Good Food Nation where people from all walks of life take pride and pleasure from the food they produce, buy, cook and eat each day.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Within the first 100 days of this term, the SNP Government already increased the value of Best Start Foods to £4.50 per week per child (£9 per week for babies under 1) and the extended free school meals from P1-3 to P4s and P5s - and from August 2022 this will be extended to all primary school pupils.

“The SNP Government continues to work to ensure Scotland becomes a Good Food Nation and, not least to encourage the use of sustainable local produce and to help our children eat well.

“Organisations can play a leading role in this process – so North Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire & Arran should look at how they boost local procurement, cut down food waste and packaging, use in-season produce as well disposing of food waste in an environmentally friendly way.”

Find the Bill as introduced here.



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