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Gugging: Falling UP Together

Kenneth enjoyed meeting Richard and Drew (pictured) of the mental healthcare arts charity Falling UP Together.

They had an exhibition in Parliament to showcase and raise awareness of the world-renowned Gugging system for ecologically sustainable mental healthcare at the House of Artists psychiatric residential facility, in Austria.

The exhibition highlighted the need for support to introduce a Scottish-model of the Gugging system, with the purpose of adding enhanced value to existing long-term provision for mental healthcare in Scotland. There is currently one facility in Fife.

The advocacy embodied in this exhibition is informed by Dr Drew Walker's PhD research into the House of Artists, and the Gugging-system.

In addition, there will be evidence derived from related pilot-projects in Scotland, which have trialled Gugging's processes through his collaborative art-practice, called Falling UP.

For more information, visit Falling UP Together SCIO.



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