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Healthcare Associated Infections Decline Massively Under the SNP

Kenneth Gibson MSP has welcomed the annual publication of Health Protection Scotland’s Healthcare Associated Infections report, saying:

“Since the SNP came to office 2007 we have achieved huge reductions in healthcare associated infections. At that time, too many people became infected and died because of hospital acquired infections. Addressing this was an early priority for the SNP Government.

“Cases of MRSA have fallen by 94% and cases of C.diff in patients aged 65 and over have declined by 88%, thanks to – among other factors – the improved use of antibiotics in both hospital and community settings.

“We are determined to drive forward further improvements. Containing resistance to antibiotics remains a key priority for the SNP Government. To assist in achieving this, an annual investment of more than £10 million helps fund cleaners, Infection Prevention and Control, and anti-microbial teams, who work hard to keep our healthcare facilities clean. The work the SNP Government does in this area is globally recognised, and we are working to ensure this continues.

“The publication of this report coincided with the World Health Organisation’s Global Hand Hygiene day on 05 May. Hand hygiene is vital in the healthcare sector and acts as the first line of defence against the spread of infections and I encourage everyone working in a healthcare environment to continue to be vigilant when it comes to this.”

A copy of the report can be found here


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