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Holyrood Says No to Triggering Article 50


The Scottish Parliament last night overwhelmingly voted against triggering Article 50, in line with the decisive wishes of the people of Scotland in the EU referendum.

The vote also came as the UK government has failed to set out how they will effectively consult with the devolved governments over an agreed UK-wide negotiating approach.

The Tories voted in favour of allowing the UK government to press ahead with a hard Brexit, despite their leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson MSP saying after the EU referendum that our single market membership should be the “overriding priority” in negotiations.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:

“The Scottish Parliament has overwhelmingly voted against triggering Article 50, given the failure of the UK Government to engage in real and meaningful consultation of Scotland and the other devolved governments.

“The people of Scotland voted decisively to remain in the EU, and only one of Scotland’s 59 MPs at Westminster has backed the triggering of Article 50.

“The born-again Brexiteers amongst Holyrood Tories - 24 out of 31 Tory MSPs voted Remain last June - are happy to write the UK government a blank cheque, regardless of Scotland’s interests, having already ditched their demands for a soft Brexit when Prime Minister Theresa May gave them their orders. They are nothing but an echo chamber for their bosses in London, whilst Labour, as ever, are hopelessly split on the issue. Nevertheless the Scottish Parliament has spoken clearly.

“The UK Tory Government has a choice and if it proceeds push ahead with reckless proposals for a hard Brexit and ignore our compromise proposals to protect our place in the single market, then that will send a very strong signal about whether Scotland’s national interests can be properly served within the UK negotiating process.”



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