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Households in Scotland receive Best Deal in the UK

The SNP Government continues to use the limited powers and resources it has to ensure every household in Scotland can have a decent quality of life.

Through the progressive income tax system and budgeting decisions families already receive the best package of support compared with the rest of the UK. This includes:

  • No prescription charges in Scotland, each item is £9.35 in England.

  • Free NHS eye tests in Scotland, which cost between £20-£25 in England.

  • Free NHS dental care in Scotland while individuals face up to £282.80 of charges for treatment south of the border.

  • Free personal care in Scotland for those who need it.

  • Introduction of a unique National Care Service while families south of the border face paying up to £1,600 a week.

  • Free College and University Tuition, while students face up to £9,250 of fees per year in England.

  • Every child in Scotland receives a free baby box packed full of essentials to make sure every child has the best start in life.

  • Families in Scotland pay less on average in Council Tax compared to south of the border.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Only recently, a report from the Centre of Research on Social Policy at Loughborough University concluded that low income families in Scotland are “significantly better off” than those in England thanks to decisions by the SNP Government.

“But it’s not just about low income families. Particularly during this cost of living crisis, these are policies that give all people across North Ayrshire and Scotland relief that in other parts of the UK they simply wouldn’t have.

“The difference between the SNP Government’s choices and those of the Tory Government in Westminster are tangible and it’s plain to see that with more powers, more beneficial choices would be made right here in Scotland.”



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