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Increase in Housing Association Grants

Commenting on the announcement (Monday 25 January) by the Scottish Government that housing subsidy levels are being increased by up to £14,000 for housing associations and co-operatives, Mary Taylor, Chief Executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), said:

"This announcement is most welcome. We are pleased that the government has listened to the views of the Subsidy Working Group which was specifically convened to look into grant levels. We look forward to seeing the detail and working with our members, funders, the Scottish Government and local authorities to add to the supply of social housing at affordable rents.

"As research showed last October, new affordable homes are urgently needed and these measures will go towards helping the sector to meet housing need. It can take a long time to get houses ready for occupation, and this clarity about investment rates will allow our members to plan ahead. Crucially, the increase will also ensure that the homes are affordable to those working in low paid jobs and on low incomes."

"While increased grant levels are a welcome boost, we are aware that other factors impact on the sector's ability to deliver increased numbers of affordable housing. The key issues are planning, infrastructure and the availability of affordable land.

"We will continue to work with the Scottish Government, the housing association sector, local authorities and other partners to find solutions to these challenges."


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