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Internationalisation at core of Business Development

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called on businesses to boost their productivity through “innovation and internalisation” by making use of the worldwide network of the Chambers of Commerce.

Speaking at the Scottish Chambers of Commerce annual dinner, the First Minister praised the work of the Chambers in promoting and supporting Scottish businesses internationally.

The First Minister said:

“At the heart of our own Scottish Business Pledge we celebrate internationalisation as a key attribute of ambitious businesses and driver of innovation and productivity growth. It goes hand-in-hand with progressive practices such as gender equality, the living wage and fair work policies.

“Our ambition is to see Scotland match the productivity levels of the strongest economies in Europe. We will intensify our support for internationalisation and work with Chambers and others to support businesses of all sizes expand in uncharted waters.

“In the last six years the value of our international exports increased by 40% and Scottish Development International helped more than 2,500 companies in the last year explore overseas markets. I want to build on these successes and see our global profile continue to grow.

“Our Innovation and Investment Hubs will be up and running in Dublin, Brussels and London next year. They will provide places for government, our agencies and public partners and the private sector, to make international connections to boost exports and inward investment. They will promote the research and innovation excellence of our businesses and universities and enhance international collaboration.

“We are determined to do everything we can to help businesses invest, innovate, export and expand. We want even more firms to commit to boosting their productivity through innovation, internationalisation, fair work and increased diversity in the workplace."


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