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  • Kenneth Gibson MSP

It's a Knockout

On 19 June I attended a busy fundraising ‘It’s a Knockout’ family fun day at Valefield, Kilbirnie.

As well as giant racing, tackling an obstacle course with a glass of water on one’s head and a tug of war etc; there was a DJ, children’s entertainment and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The event was on behalf of the Greig Steven Memorial , which was set up in April 2016 by Greg's parents after the 25-year old had sadly passed away.

Greig, who was from Kilbirnie and worked as a horse groomer for Police Scotland, died of a rare and aggressive cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, which attacks the body’s bile duct and is known as the “silent killer”.

If you or a person living in Scotland and battling cancer and would like to be considered for a stay at Greig’s House, please contact where you will receive further information as well as an application form.

To find more information, to donate or become a fundraiser, visit .


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