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Kenneth Calls for Ban on Electronic Shock Collars

SNP MSP’S Christine Grahame and Kenneth Gibson have joined forces in calling for the Scottish Government to ban electronic training aids for cats and dogs.

Earlier this month Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and the Environment Richard Lochhead launched a consultation on ‘Potential controls or prohibition of electronic training aids in Scotland’, which seeks views on whether the Scottish Government should ban or regulate the use of electronic training collars for animals.

Both Ms Grahame and Mr Gibson have spoken out against the use of the collars for many years and after experiencing personal use of them in Parliament decided to write a joint submission to the consultation, which they presented to Mr Lochhead in the Parliament.

Ms Grahame, who chairs the Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare, said:

“I am delighted that the Scottish Government has now seen sense and launched this consultation. I believe it is cruel to attempt to train a dog or cat by use of inflicting pain. Alternative training methods, particularly positive reinforcement, is known to be better for both the animal and indeed the owner.

“The animal will associate pain with whatever is within its focus at that time so the association can be indiscriminate and undesirable.”

Mr Gibson added:

“Sadly, some individuals may use the device to deliberately abuse the animal.

“Other countries, for example Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany and some Australia states have already banned such devices.

“I trust that the Scottish Government will concur with Christine and I, as well as some 74% of the public who are in favour of an outright ban, and introduce legislation in as soon as is it is practical to do so.”


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