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Kenneth visits Mecoco in Dalry

Kenneth Gibson MSP recently visited Mecoco - which stands for ‘meaningful contribution in your community’ - in Dalry.

Mecoco is a social enterprise opened by Jenny Trott and Kate Bailey in March 2021, allowing everyone, regardless of their level of ability, to experience and make a contribution to the workplace.

Mecoco’s volunteers create and sell scented products including candles, reed diffusers and wax melts. Jenny and Kate continuously adapt their equipment, processes and products, allowing all of their volunteers to get involved. The social enterprise also offers weekly work placements to pupils of both mainstream and additional support needs schools in the community.

Kenneth said:

“Jenny, Kate and their team of volunteers continuously strive to ensure their workplace is accessible whilst producing high quality, sustainable products, some of which I couldn’t resist buying.

“I enjoyed chatting to their volunteers to hear why they love working there and contributing to the community. It was great to see them all getting involved at different stages of the product development, suited to each individual.

“It is vital that social enterprises, such as Mecoco, operate within our community to allow everyone an equal chance to learn the valuable skills that employment teaches and to enjoy the benefits of a workplace and I will work to support them in any way I can as they develop and grow.”

To learn more about the work Mecoco do within the community and/or buy their products, please visit



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