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Labour "At War" Over Trident

Labour's fragile truce on Trident has ended today with senior figure Jackie Baillie calling for the party's submission on the issue to their London bosses to back the renewal of nuclear weapons on the Clyde.

In a letter to Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry MP, Ms Baillie has called for Labour's UK defence review to commit to a new generation of weapons of mass destruction based in Scotland.

Commenting on the development, SNP election campaign director John Swinney said:

"Ms Baillie's move has blown apart any illusion of Labour unity or coherence on Trident - the party are at war over the issue.

"Kezia Dugdale's attempts to paint a picture of Labour unity on Trident haven't even lasted 48 hours since their manifesto launch.

"Their manifesto merely commits Labour in Scotland to making a submission to their bosses in London - but even that weak position has been torpedoed, with one of her most senior frontbenchers now defying the claim the party in Scotland opposes nuclear weapons.

"It is further evidence - if any were needed - that Labour's position on Trident is a complete and utter shambles, with the party split from top to bottom on the issue.

"With the Tory Government at Westminster planning to waste billions on a new weapons of mass destruction - money that could and should be invested in public services like health and education - only the SNP can be trusted to oppose a new generation of nuclear weapons based in Scotland."

Jackie Baillie's submission to Emily Thornberry can be found here:


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