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Labour Call for Barnett Formula to be Scrapped


Commenting on the announcement from Carwyn Jones that Labour would scrap the Barnett Formula, Kenneth Gibson said:

"This is an astounding admission from one of Labour’s most senior figures, which has fatally undermined Kezia Dugdale’s attempts to portray Labour as standing up for Scottish interests.

"Even Labour in Scotland has acknowledged that the Barnett formula is worth £4,000 million each year to Scotland. Three days out from a general election, Jeremy Corbyn must make clear how much a Labour government would cut Scotland’s budget by.

“Whatever Kezia Dugdale says, a vote for Labour in this election is a vote to put Scotland’s budget in jeopardy.

“With both the Tories and Labour committed to cutting funding for Scotland’s public services, now more than ever we need strong SNP voices standing up for Scotland.”



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