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Newly Elected Labour MSP calls Own Party's Independence Stance "Muddled"

Labour’s new MSP Carol Mochan has accused her own party of having a “muddled” policy on independence, predicting an even further decline in Labour support at future elections in Scotland. Ms Mochan also warned that Labour would have faced “Liberal Democrat levels of annihilation” were it not for the proportional voting system in place for Holyrood elections. The South Scotland MSP also panned the party’s doomed federalism policy, admitting that there is little public support for it and that it is “impossible for my own party to claim there is not an appetite… for another referendum.” Highly regarded polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice also claimed on Monday that Labour “has been inviting people to vote for a vacuum,” suggesting that it “seemingly has virtually nothing to say about anything.” Kenneth Gibson MSP said: “With a majority of traditional Labour voters and the STUC backing another independence referendum, I am not surprised that another Labour MSP has spoken out about the need to change its position.

“By speaking out, Carol Mochan has joined Monica Lennon MSP, retiring Labour MSP Neil Findlay, and of course Hollie Cameron – Labour’s original Glasgow Kelvin candidate who was famously sacked by Anas Sarwar for uttering pro-referendum views. “Labour's refusal to acknowledge Scotland’s right to choose our own future opens the door for the Tories to impose austerity and callous policies on the people of Scotland, plunging thousands more families into poverty and putting vital public services and workers' rights at risk. “The reality for Labour is that the people of Scotland have spoken and have sent an emphatic message that Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands. Labour must recognise that if they are to have any chance of remaining relevant.

“Unfortunately, there is no sign that their leadership in the Scottish branch office – beholden as always to London – will do that.” ENDS


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