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Labour Report Says Party Helped Tories Win Seats

“DEVASTATING” VERDICT BY COLLEAGUES ON DUGDALE’S LEADERSHIP Commenting on the Labour Campaign for Socialism in Scotland’s analysis of the party’s performance in last month’s general election, which concludes that Labour in Scotland, by continuing their obsession with the SNP, “tacitly” helped the Tories win more seats in Scotland, Kenneth Gibson said:

“This is a devastating report from inside Labour itself, which explicitly says that the party’s tactics helped the Tories win more seats north of the border.

“That is an extraordinary admission but one which is borne out by the facts and a huge embarrassment for Kezia Dugdale MSP and others at the top of her party, who remain locked in Better Together mode.

“This report also lays bare the splits inside Labour and outlines what everyone in Scotland already knows; that Labours obsession north of the border with opposing independence means it spends all its time attacking the SNP while letting the Tories off the hook. Many of us will recall Dugdale ally, Ian Murray MP calling for Labour voters in Scotland to vote Tory, except in his seat where he urged Tories to vote for him.

“It is no surprise that with Ms Dugdale having spent so long undermining Jeremy Corbyn, his allies are now sharpening their knives for her.

"Labour have learned nothing though, because rather than holding the Tories to account, they are still campaigning in Scotland against the SNP, which is odd given that many of Corbyn's policies are already being delivered by a progressive SNP Government.

“Nevertheless, no one in Scotland should be in any doubt that, whether under Dugdale or Corbyn, the Labour Party supports a Tory Brexit and policies like Trident renewal, against Scotland’s national interests.”



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