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Labour Split Deepens

Alex Rowley, deputy leader of Labour in Scotland, has criticised his party's only MP after his resignation from the shadow cabinet.

Mr Rowley spoke out after Ian Murray, shadow Scottish secretary, quit, telling Jeremy Corbyn the party needs "strong leadership" to be a credible alternative to the Tories.

Mr Rowley MSP responded:

"Disappointing that at a time when we need unity, focus and strength, Ian Murray and fellow plotters put self-interest before needs of country."

Mr Murray's resignation leaves his party facing the prospect of appointing an MP from south of the border to the role. In his resignation letter, Mr Murray said the decision to leave the European Union leaves the UK facing a "deeply challenging time ahead".

He told Mr Corbyn that the situation "demands a strong opposition capable of holding the Government to account" but said:

"I do not believe that can be achieved under your leadership."

Added Kenneth Gibson:

"A dozen members of Labour's Shadow Cabinet have now resigned as Corbyn's woefully inept leadership has led to widespread mutiny. While shadow ministers may be replaced, it's looking very much like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

"With the Tories paralysed by their own internal feud over Europe, it is clear that the only united and coherent party - not just in Scotland but the UK - is the SNP."


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