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Last year Scotland had its Lowest Number of Homicides on Record

The number of homicide cases recorded by the police in Scotland decreased by 15% (or ten cases) from 65 in 2019/20 to 55 in 2020/21; the lowest number since comparable records began in 1976.

Figures published today (Tuesday) by the Chief Statistician also show that over the ten year period from 2011/12 to 2020/21, the number of homicide cases in Scotland fell from 91 to 55, a 40% decrease.

In 2020/21, 58 victims of homicide were recorded, 12% (eight victims) fewer than the 66 recorded in 2019/20. Of the 58 victims, 83% (48) were male.

In 2020/21, 65 persons were accused of homicide and 92% (60) of them were male. All 55 cases of homicide recorded for 2020/21 were solved.

For each of the last ten years, the most common method of killing was with a sharp instrument, such as a knife. In 2020/21, a sharp instrument was the main method of killing for 59% (34) of homicide victims.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“My thoughts are with the loved ones of those whose lives has been taken and I hope they take some small comfort from the fact that all 55 cases last year were solved.

“Every homicide is one too many, and it is intensely frustrating and sad that there’s not always a way to prevent a perpetrator who is determined on committing such a heinous act from doing so.

“There has been a decrease both public homicides and those taking place within a person’s house or garden. When we entered lockdown, some feared that more domestic homicides would take place but thankfully this has not been the case.

“If you have been bereaved by a crime, please don’t’ hesitate to get in touch with Victim Support Scotland by calling 0800 160 1985 (free), emailing or visiting .”

Find the Homicide in Scotland 2020/21 statistics here.



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