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Lobbying Bill Unanimously Passed by Scottish Parliament


Members of the Scottish Parliament unanimously backed the Lobbying (Scotland) Bill, which will enhance the already strict rules around lobbying at Holyrood by increasing openness and transparency.

The Bill will establish a lobbying register recording information about regulated activity of both paid and in-house lobbyists.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:

“The Scottish Parliament was founded on the principles of openness and accountability; power shared between parliament, government and the people of Scotland. This Bill will maintain and enhance these important principles.

“With cross-party consensus on improving transparency in lobbying, the Bill’s legislative progress has also shown Parliament at its best; developed in partnership between Members, Committees and Ministers with extensive public consultation.

“While there are already strict rules around lobbying activity, this Bill will put beyond doubt any question of lobbying impropriety in Scotland and ensures the Parliament remains true to its founding principles."


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