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Making it Easier for NHS staff to ‘Retire and Return’

The SNP Government has introduced a new arrangement for ‘Retire and Return’, which streamlines the process to let experienced staff take up a part-time post while drawing their pension.

It was developed in partnership with employers and trade unions following calls for a simpler process.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Employees who are considering retirement have skills and experience that are invaluable to the NHS, and I am pleased these new arrangements make it easier for those who wish to continue in a part-time role to do so.

“This plan allows staff to apply to return to work part-time when they start the process to retire. It can be the same job or a different role in the same job family, and some will prefer to return to a lower grade with fewer responsibilities, or take on a mentoring role with newer members of staff.

“As the NHS continues to recover and remobilise from the pandemic, it is more important than ever that we retain experienced staff with the skills we need to provide high quality care.”



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