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Minimum Unit Pricing Linked to 13% Drop in Alcohol-Related Deaths

Scotland’s policy of minimum unit pricing has been linked to a 13% drop in the number of deaths from alcohol consumption and hundreds fewer hospitalisations, according to a study undertaken by Public Health Scotland, University of Glasgow and the University of Queensland, Australia.

Experts said the study provided the clearest signal to date that the policy has reduced the harm caused by alcohol in Scotland and added to a large and consistent evident base on the effectiveness of alcohol pricing action.

Since the introduction of the policy in 2018, there have been 400 fewer hospital admissions and as many as 156 fewer deaths each year due to alcohol.

The UK Government criticised the policy following it’s implemented and had the Internal Market Act been in place at the time, would have been blocked. However, this research proves its effectiveness in saving lives and reducing ill-health.

The study can be viewed here:


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