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More Arts and Culture Partnerships can Now apply for SNP Government Match Funding

The SNP Government has expanded eligibility for its Culture and Business Fund Scotland (CBFS) until 31 March 2024 beyond first-time partnerships, to help more arts and heritage projects in Scotland through the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath.

The CBFS, which is administered by Arts & Business Scotland, can provide critical match funding of between £1,000 and £40,000 for landmarks, cultural festivals, innovative health, environmental and musical projects and anything else that are culturally impactful.

The fund offers 50:50 match funding for eligible projects sponsored by eligible businesses for the other half, encouraging and enabling the development of creative partnerships across the arts, heritage, public and commercial sectors.

Normally, the CBFS only supports partnerships where the business or public sector body is investing in or sponsoring arts or heritage activity within Scotland for the first time, or if it has not done so in the previous two years.

To help enable the continuation of business investment in cultural activities during this recovery and renewal period, the CBFS can now be awarded to partnerships with businesses who:

  • Are existing partners, supporters or sponsors of the applicant

  • Are existing partners, supporters or sponsors of other arts or heritage organisations, but wish to expand their partnership with the applicant

  • Have previously been a partner, supporter or sponsor of any arts or heritage organisations or cultural project.

Kenneth Gibson said:

“The SNP Government recognises the role importance of arts, culture and heritage which is why it has dispersed additional funding to this sector from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is also an excellent time to help businesses help projects they wouldn’t be able to assist if they had to provide 100% of the funding. By widening the scope of CBFS, the SNP Government is funding 50% of project costs and encouraging an increased number of applications over the next three years.

“These loosened criteria will help more partnerships and projects across North Ayrshire and Scotland thrive throughout our recovery and I encourage those who are interested to read more about their eligibility and apply via .”



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