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More Powers Needed for BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland should be given more power over commissioning and budgets to tackle fears the broadcaster has a "London bias", MSPs on Holyrood's Education and Culture Committee have said.

The BBC receives about £3.7bn every year from the TV licence fee, with about £323m collected in Scotland.

The committee report said the broadcaster does not produce accounts for BBC Scotland, making it impossible to associate spending with the delivery of the BBC's services in Scotland. However, even after paying our share of network spend, it is clear that Scotland subsidises production and programming in London.

If, after contributing to network costs, BBC Scotland had access to the licence fees raised here, it would undoubtedly stimulate the production of new programmes, with all the benefits of increased creative opportunities and employment across the industry in Scotland that would bring.

MSPs asked the BBC to provide detailed information on its spending in Scotland to allow effective scrutiny.


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