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More than £1 million awarded to Voluntary Organisations

The Scottish Government has awarded over £1 million to voluntary organisations across the country to help support and develop social and community care services in Scotland. It is part of the Section 10 grants scheme and together with on-going grants, brings current SNP Government investment in the scheme to £2.82 million.

Disability Information Scotland is the recipient of the largest amount, with an award of £120,000, supporting the SNP Government priority of disability equality.

Three mental health charities: Penumbra, Support in Mind and Freedom from Torture have also been recommended for funding, accounting for £170,000 (18.8%) of the total available, reflecting the SNP Government’s on-going commitment to mental health issues.

Aileen Campbell, Minister for Public Health said:

I’m pleased to announce this latest round of funding for organisations which play such a crucial role in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

So many of these charities and third sectors could not exist without the support of volunteers and I’d like to thank them all for the time they devote to improving the quality of life for thousands of people every day.”

Kenneth Gibson added:

The work these organisations do spans a range of issues but all of them make a huge difference in helping us build a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Scotland.

Graeme Henderson, Director of Services and Development for Penumbra, said:

Penumbra is delighted to receive this funding from the SNP Government. Section 10 funding supports us to participate in strategic activities; supporting the SNP Government in implementing policies, in particular the new Scottish Mental Health Strategy. This is an important aspect of our work as we feel we bring a significant voice to this key based on our experience in a wide range of activities in Scotland and further afield.”

Chair of Disability Information Scotland, Anne Hastie commented:

We very much appreciate the support of the SNP Government which enables us to deliver a service to the most vulnerable citizens of Scotland.

The Section 10 funding scheme is run annually, offering grants to support voluntary organisations running schemes that contribute to the SNP Government’s priorities for social and community care. Core funding for national organisations is usually awarded for three years, with project funding allocated for one, two or three years, and on a one off basis.

The full break down of grants is as follows:

Addaction £47,500 ARC Scotland – Scottish Transitions Forum £62,902 Cruse Bereavement £30,300 Disability Information Scotland £120,000 Equal Futures Core £64,000 Equal Futures Project £14,169 Food Train £38,115 Freedom From Torture £20,000 Hearing Link £46,000 Moira Anderson Foundation £48,000 MS Society £45,500 Pain Concern £15,000 Partners in Advocacy £25,000 Penumbra £68,000 RNIB £39,204 Scottish Autism 1 £11,436 Scottish Care and Information on Miscarriage £15,921 Scottish Cot Death Trust £30,000 Scottish Recovery Consortium £36,300 Spina Bifida Scotland £80,000 Support in Mind Scotland £82,000 Tourettes Scotland – Project £15,000 Trust Rugby £45,000 Waverley Care £23,540 Total £1,022,887

All applications have been assessed by policy teams against the criteria for grant funding and SNP Government priorities.



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