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NAC Drive to Fill Potholes

I am regularly contacted by constituents from across Cunninghame North who point out potholes or road defects that impact their local area.

While this is a matter for North Ayrshire Council (NAC), I am always happy to make representations on behalf of constituents to ensure the potholes are repaired and the affected road considered for inclusion in a future resurfacing programme.

After highlighting a number of potholes pointed out by constituents this past week, I was pleased to hear from Thomas Reaney, Head of Neighbourhood Services at NAC, that Roads Services is currently undertaking a ‘drive’ to attend to the backlog of pothole defects which have arisen over the winter.

I would anticipate that many defects will therefore be repaired in the coming weeks.

Potholes can always be reported to NAC at or by calling 01294 310000.

A report will then be processed to the relevant service immediately, or on the next available working day.

NAC will use the information you have provided to locate and inspect the fault. Inspections will happen within five working days unless it is an emergency when it will be sooner.

Please contact Traffic Scotland if the pothole is on the A78 or A737 at or by calling 0800 028 1414 (24-hours)

For non-emergencies relating to A78 or A737, you can also email Traffic Scotland Customer Care Line at


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