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NAC Receives Extra £2,925,000 for Health & Social Care Integration from SNP Government

An extra £2,925,000 from the SNP Government to ensure more people are able to be cared for safely in their own homes will be invested into North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership in financial year 2017/18, commencing on 01 April.

This funding brings together NHS and NAC care services for patients, in particular the elderly, reducing the need for them to go into hospital for treatment.

The new investment will also help delivering our commitment to a living wage of at least £8.45 per hour for all social care workers, compared to the UK equivalent of £7.20.

Local MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“Integration of health and social care is one of the most ambitious programmes the SNP Government has undertaken and one which we believe will deliver services that work more effectively, putting people at the very heart of treatment decisions.

“That is why this £2,925,000 of additional funding for NAC is so important. Not only does it ensure that patients can receive more treatment at home where we know people prefer to be, it also reduces demand for acute hospital usage by reducing avoidable admissions, lengths of stay and delayed discharges.

“Our social care system is world renowned and envied across the UK as a shared priority between the SNP Government and local government. Whilst spending has been boosted in Scotland, this is in direct contrast to the situation in England under the Tories and Wales under Labour where six consecutive years of cuts to local authority budgets have seen 26% fewer people across both nations get the help they need.”

Health and social care integration requires close collaboration between secondary, primary and community care through integration authorities. Partnerships are required to plan locality services and are able to use money flexibly to secure positive outcomes by moving resources from hospital to community and primary services as necessary.



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