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NAC to Receive Scotland's Biggest Funding Boost

Kenneth Gibson MSP has welcomed North Ayrshire Council’s (NAC) £23,237,000 increase in grant from the SNP Government for next year, a thumping 8.3% increase, which takes its grant to £303,079,000.

NAC’s increase is the highest in Scotland, the average being 4.64%.

Last week’s Scottish Budget saw Finance Secretary Derek Mackay MSP announce a total funding package amounting to £11,151,140,000 for local government. This is despite a reduction in to Scotland’s block grant of almost £2 billion (7%) over the last decade.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson said:

“People across North Ayrshire will welcome this significant investment in their local services.

“Despite continued Tory cuts to Scotland’s resource budget, every local authority in Scotland has seen their funding increase in this year’s budget and I am delighted that NAC will receive the highest increase of all, allowing it to invest more in local services.

“These figures prove that the SNP Government is committed to funding NAC to deliver better schools, roads, housing and key services across North Ayrshire and Scotland.”




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