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New Standards to implement Right to Visitors in Care Homes

The SNP Government has expanded the national Health and Social Care Standards for Scotland’s adult care homes, putting Anne’s Law into practical effect while legislation is being prepared.

Two new Standards set out the expectation that people living in care homes should have the right to see someone who is dear to them, even during a COVID-19 outbreak, and be able to name a person or persons who can directly participate in meeting their care needs.

The Standards should be reflected by care homes in their policies, and the Care Inspectorate will consider whether they are being met when registering, inspecting and supporting homes.

Anne’s Law aims to ensure people who live in adult care homes have rights to see and get support from those who are important to them. The stepped approach to its introduction - new Standards followed by legislation - follows a public consultation which found overwhelming backing for Anne’s law and for a change to the Standards. The new Standards are supported by the body representing care homes, Scottish Care.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Care home residents across North Ayrshire and Scotland must have their care delivered in a dignified manner that reflects their rights.”

“As per its commitment, the SNP Government is implementing the provisions of Anne’s Law as quickly as possible to help ensure care home visitors can be involved in the care and support of their loved ones.

“Furthermore, Anne’s Law will be concluded within the new National Care Service Bill, with that legislation due to be introduced to the Scottish Parliament in the coming months.”

Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive of Scottish Care, said:

“I am pleased to commend the new Social Care Standards which have been published today. They make explicit what we all recognise, namely the critical role that family and friends play in the care support of a resident in a care home.

“They clearly underline the rights of residents, should they wish, even during a managed infectious disease outbreak, to have family and friends support them in visiting and support.

“In the months ahead staff, providers, families, and residents will work together to ensure that these rights are understood and that the new Standards are a success.”



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