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Last week, the SNP Government released its new Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, a comprehensive route map for speeding up Scotland’s renewable energy revolution.

The plan sets out how we can accelerate our transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources, enabling people across Scotland to benefit from cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy.

Just Transition to renewable energy will be delivered in a way that ensures no one who currently works in fossil fuels is left behind – benefitting communities and workers across Scotland with high-quality jobs.

Scottish Ministers also set out how we can substantially increase the current capacity for generating renewable electricity, which is already at record amounts - currently around 13.4 gigawatts (GW).

The strategy also sets an ambitious target to generate 5 GW of hydrogen power by 2030, with a further 25 GW by 2045.

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“Scotland is an energy-rich nation and the SNP Government’s seeks to ensure that our massive renewable energy resources benefit everyone in Scotland through cheaper bills.

“With the full powers of independence, we will be properly equipped to harness our potential in renewables and tackle the injustices such as the unfair energy transmission charges set at Westminster.”

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