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Next Tory PM must end Discriminatory Grid Charges Imposed on Scotland

The two remaining Tory leadership candidates must bring charges energy companies in Scotland pay for access to the National Grid in line with those in the rest of the UK. Scotland has the highest fees for companies to access the National Grid to export energy, pushing prices up for consumers during the worst cost of living crisis in living memory. Companies are charged up to £7.36 per MwH just to access the grid to export Scotland’s vast energy resources. That’s the highest charge in Europe, with independent countries of a similar size to Scotland charged a fraction of that or nothing at all.

Meanwhile, in England companies are actually paid by the taxpayer to access the grid!

Kenneth Gibson MSP said: “Scotland is awash with energy resources and is set to be a powerhouse for renewables, but we are being continually held back by a Tory Government that actively discriminates against Scotland, where companies must pay to pay to access the same grid, costing the industry millions and holding back its development.

“Of course, such charges were initially introduced by the last UK Labour Government.

“Independent countries of a similar size to Scotland charge next to nothing for access to their grids, meaning consumers in Scotland are facing the brunt of extra charges when their bills land on their doorstep. “During the worst cost of living crisis in recent memory the candidates for PM should be considering all options to reduce bills for households across the country and fixing the rip off grid charges is just one measure that can help reduce energy bills. “This is another demonstration of how Westminster control is holding back Scotland and the only way we can unleash our full potential is with independence.” Transmission charges can be found here.



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