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NHS Dental Charges for Young People in Scotland Scrapped

As of 24 August everyone in Scotland aged under 26 is automatically eligible for free NHS dental treatment.

Those who started a course of NHS treatment before their 26th birthday will also be eligible.

In addition, the SNP Government has invested a further £7.5 million to support to the dental sector to recover and build back to pre-pandemic capacity.

This will help dental practices to purchase drills that do not create as much aerosol as standard drills, and so allow dentists to help mitigate the impact of COVID restrictions on the number of patients they can see.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

With this announcement, the SNP Government has gone beyond its initial commitment of removing the NHS patient charges for care experienced young people.

“This announcement means around 600,000 people aged under 26 across North Ayrshire and Scotland will now benefit from free dental care.

“On top of the SNP Government’s £5 million allocation to help improve ventilation, today’s £7 million will further enable dental practices to see more NHS patients under the COVID restrictions that are still in place.”

If you are not currently registered with an NHS dentist, contact your regional dental helpline at your local Health Board.

Dental practices still need to prioritise people with urgent dental problems and those in most need of treatment. Unless your situation is urgent, it may be some time before your dental practice can see you.



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