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"No Policies, No Vision and No Change"

Commenting on the launch of the Tories' Holyrood manifesto today, SNP election campaign director John Swinney said:

"Today's Tory manifesto launch was deeply revealing - not for its ambition or policies, but for its complete lack of substance or vision for Scotland.

"Ruth Davidson admits her manifesto isn't a programme for government and that her party have no intention of setting out a detailed plan on how they would run Scotland.

"That is irresponsible and disrespectful to voters, who deserve better from the Tories than a long list of things they are against and virtually nothing about what they are for or what they would do given the chance.

"Their only policies of note are their deeply unpopular, regressive plans to bring back university tuition fees of £6,000 and to slap a tax on the sick by bringing back prescription charges.

"These stealth taxes on some of the poorest people in Scotland completely undermine the Tories' claims to be a tax-cutting party.

"As for Scotland's future, no single party or politician - and certainly not Ruth Davidson - has the right to dictate what that should be. Only the people of Scotland can and will determine this nation's future constitutional path.

"The Tories clearly know how unpopular they remain in Scotland, which is why the party name was completely absent from today's launch posters.

"Ruth Davidson's party have no serious policies, no vision for Scotland and there has been no change in the Tory brand, which remains as toxic as ever in Scotland and which voters will utterly reject in three weeks' time."


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