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Details of how £12,396.5 million of SNP Government funding for 2023-24 will be distributed among local authorities have been published.

North Ayrshire Council will benefit from a £23.2 million increase during the next financial year, rising from £314.5 million to £337.7 million – a 7.4% increase compared to 2022-23.

The average increase across Scotland is 4.6%.

This increase will provide North Ayrshire Council to make local decisions, with financial flexibility on council tax, employability and homelessness services, as well as early learning and schools workforce provision.

Despite the turbulent economic and financial context, and the huge pressure on public finances - the block grant from Westminster will be 10.8% lower in 2023-24 than 2021-22 - the SNP Government’s 2023-24 Budget succeeds in ensuring public services are designed around the needs and interests of the people and communities of Scotland.

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