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North Ayrshire Teachers earn £1,350 more than UK Average

Teachers in North Ayrshire and Scotland are paid £1,350-a-year more than the UK average teaching salary.

UK government figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the average annual salary for full-time Scottish teachers and other education professionals is £41,350. This compares with a UK average of £40,000.

That extra £1,350 for each of 1,412 North Ayrshire teachers collectively represents about an extra £1.9 million in salary for the local economy.

Together, teachers across Scotland are a whopping £70.9 million better off than they would have under the average teaching salary in the rest of the UK.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“This £1.9 million extra cash would not be available to North Ayrshire teachers if Scotland had a Tory government.

“The nearly £71 million difference in pay between Scotland and what teachers would get in England is clear evidence that the SNP Government is prioritising its investment in Scottish education and the future of our young people.

“Our commitment to Scotland’s teachers continues to pay off as the attainment gap continues to narrow and a record number of pupils from the most deprived backgrounds go on to further education.

“Attracting and retaining good quality teachers is paramount and providing competitive salary levels is a key component in delivering that.”



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