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OECD Report on Scottish Qualifications and Assessments Published

Options for Scotland’s future approach to assessment and qualifications have been published.

Renowned Professor Gordon Stobart, who was appointed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), considered approaches taken around the world as part of his work.

Possible options include the:

  • Development of a Senior Phase qualification system based on a combination of teacher assessment and exams

  • Simplification of S4-5 assessment by “de-cluttering” the historical diet of exams

  • Increased use of online exam resources and oral presentations as an assessment format

  • the inclusion of pupils views in decisions around assessment

  • enhancing the role of vocational qualifications

These suggestions will be considered as part of a wider conversation with learners, teachers, parents and others on how Scotland’s qualifications and assessment system can best evolve in line with the curriculum and society of today.

Welcoming Professor Stobart’s suggestions, Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP said:

“Working with teachers, parents and young people as well as other stakeholders we will give full consideration to the options that Professor Stobart has outlined. This will form part of our work to ensure that every part of our education system is designed so that young people can demonstrate their full potential.

“I will update Parliament on how this work will be taken forward and on the on-going implementation of OECD recommendations on Curriculum for Excellence in due course.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“While the SNP Government had already committed to implementing the 12 OECD recommendations for education reform, this report is a hugely helpful guide as to how to do most effectively streamline the Curriculum for Excellence to align with upper-secondary assessments.

“The SNP Government asked internationally renowned education experts at the OECD to consider potential changes to Scotland’s assessment and qualifications system, including through an international comparative analysis. It’s good to look around at what models other countries have in place and we are open to learning from this. Ultimately, we just have to get it right for our children.”

Professor Stobart is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Oxford University, and was appointed by the OECD to undertake this work.



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