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  • Kenneth Gibson MSP

One Million Coronavirus Vaccinations Reached in Scotland

More than one million people at greatest risk from Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland have had their first dose of the vaccine as of Wednesday 10 February.

Vaccinations of residents aged 65-79 across North Ayrshire are expected to be finalised later this week.

The programme has now reached more than a fifth (22%) of the 4.5 million people who will be offered a vaccine.

The biggest vaccination programme ever undertaken is now moving at pace through the 70-79 age group following the opening of new mass vaccination centres across the country. The programme remains on track to complete first doses for all those in this age group by the end of this week.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman MSP said:

“This is an important milestone in the biggest vaccination programme ever delivered in Scotland and I would like to thank everyone involved and all those who have taken up their offer of a vaccine.

“We have now given first doses to more than a million people in the groups which were prioritised to address 99% of preventable deaths associated with COVID-19. These include elderly care home residents and staff, frontline health and social care workers and those who are at risk of serious harm and death from this virus.

“Scotland’s COVID-19 vaccination programme is delivering ahead of our expectations. Our aim is to vaccinate as many people as possible with both their first and second doses as quickly as possible but the speed at which we can do this depends on supply and we expect a dip in supplies UK wide towards the end of this month.

“We hope to see a significant drop in the disease due to the vaccination programme, however this will take a number of months to evaluate fully. In the shorter term, we are monitoring the uptake rate but we also have a comprehensive surveillance system in place to monitor outcome of vaccine efficacy and disease reduction.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP welcomed the milestone:

“Staff and volunteers across North Ayrshire and Scotland are working hard to get people their first inoculations as quickly as possible, and everyone eligible will be offered the vaccine as they work our way through the priority groups.”

“I continue to urge everyone to take up their appointment when they are offered one. The vaccination programme is one of three key ways we are working to beat this virus, along with the expanded testing programme to identify cases and break chains of transmission; and the important lockdown restrictions that remain in place.

“All these measures work to greatest effect when they work together.”


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