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One Year On, People Even Worse Off Under Sunak

One year ago today Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister, succeeding Liz Truss who had previously beaten him in the Tory leadership election and only “survived” 49 days in office, making her the shortest-serving Prime Minister in UK history.

Truss had plunged the country into a deep financial and political crisis with a radical series of unfunded tax cuts, that would have largely benefitted the wealthiest in society and were enthusiastically backed by the Tories in Scotland.

Today, millions of families are even worse off under Sunak than they were under Liz Truss.

People's mortgage bills and rents are higher, their food and grocery bills are higher, their car and home insurance bills are higher, their phone and internet costs are higher and, unbelievably, the Tories have withdrawn energy support despite household bills sky-rocketing.

Neither the Tories or pro-Brexit Labour Party have the answers to the fundamental problem of UK decay and decline because both parties are wedded to failed Westminster policies that have damaged the UK economy and sent the cost of living soaring.


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