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Only the SNP will keep Vital NHS Services Free at the Point of Need

The SNP has reiterated our commitment to the founding principles of our NHS – publicly owned, publicly delivered, and free at the point of need.

In stark contrast, the Labour manifesto fails to commit to backing free dental care, keeping free prescriptions, and keeping free hospital parking,

A re-elected SNP Government will protect free eye examinations and free prescriptions in Scotland, saving people almost £22 and £9.35 per item respectively compared to England.

The SNP scrapped parking charges in all NHS owned car parks in Scotland in 2008. During the COVID-19 pandemic it also ensured free hospital parking in privately-owned car parks. We will support NHS Ayrshire & Arran and other health boards to ensure parking remains free.

An SNP Government will also introduce an annual investment of £5 million in a new Young Patients Family Fund, to build on the success of our Neonatal Expenses Fund and support families visiting children who are receiving inpatient care.

Previous SNP Governments have made great strides in improving dentistry access, but if re-elected we will go further by abolishing all NHS dentistry charges by 2026.

An SNP Government will work with dentists to learn from the experience of the pandemic and shape a reformed funding arrangement that supports them for the future.

A black hole in NHS funding has also emerged in Labour’s manifesto – with no financial commitments made beyond this year, failing the NHS in its recovery out of lockdown and creating a four-year funding gap.

On or before 06 May, make it #BothVotesSNP to ensure that access to vital NHS services continues to be based on a person’s need, not on their ability to pay.



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