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Parties at Holyrood Unite to Oppose EU Withdrawal Agreement

The SNP, Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats in the Scottish Parliament have tabled a joint motion for this week’s Scottish Parliament debate on the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the framework for the future relationship between the UK and European Union.

Confirming that MSPs will vote on the issue on 05 December, the parties Europe spokespeople - Michael Russell, Neil Findlay, Ross Greer and Tavish Scott said in a joint statement:

“We have agreed a single motion for the debate next which we believe will represent the overwhelming view of the Scottish Parliament.

“This motion rejects a ‘No Deal’ scenario, the Prime Minister’s negotiated agreement and points the way towards alternatives.”

Added Kenneth Gibson MSP:

“After the Prime Minister’s stage-managed visit to Scotland, during which she failed to engage with any politicians or individuals who oppose her proposals, this positive cooperation between four of the five parties at Holyrood indicates Scotland’s strength of feeling on Brexit.

“Only six of Holyrood’s 31 Tory MSPs support Brexit yet they all intend to blindly back the Prime Minister’s position, regardless of Scotland voting 62% to remain and the damage they know Brexit will inflict on the Scottish economy.”

The agreed motion is:

Parliament agrees that both a No Deal outcome and the outcomes arising from the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom as presented to the House of Commons by the Prime Minister would be damaging for Scotland and the nations and regions of the UK as a whole and therefore recommends that they be rejected and that a better alternative be taken forward.



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