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People in Scotland pay £840 a Year Less in Taxes than in England

Thanks to the SNP Government, people in Scotland on average pay £840 less in taxes and statutory charges than under the UK Tory Government in England according to the latest available figures for income tax, council tax, water bills, medical charges and tuition fees.

Compared to Labour-run Wales we pay £495 less.

  • In Scotland, the average Band D Council Tax is £590, lower than England and £423 lower than Wales;

  • The average household water bill in Scotland is £33 lower than in England & Wales;

  • Income tax for all median waged employees is £14 lower;

  • In England pay £9.35 per prescription, plus up to £35 for an eye test – prescriptions are free in Scotland;

  • Students in England pay up to £9,250 in England and up to £9,000 in Wales in tuition fees, whereas tuition is free in Scotland for full-time, first-time Scottish-domiciled students.

In total the calculations show that people in Scotland can save up to £839.87 than people in England and £495.22 compared to people in Wales.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“In Scotland, we are protecting household budgets at a time when Brexit is exacerbating the UK’s cost of living crisis, with more impending tax increases by the UK Tory Government on National Insurance to pay for their policy failures in England.

“These figures serve as a reminder that SNP policy is more helpful for households across North Ayrshire and Scotland than those of the Tories and Labour.

“We are better off when decisions are made at the Scottish Parliament, which is why Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands.”



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